About Maxwell Hills

Maxwell Hills is an experienced attorney, lawyer, and mediator specializing in family law. With a concentration on high net worth divorces, he has become one of the premier divorce lawyers in Orange County while maintaining an approachable demeanor and reasonable prices. 

Maxwell’s passion for law dates back to his younger days, though he didn’t quite know that he would end up in the legal profession until later in life. As an aspiring musician in his teenage years, Maxwell showed his determination by starting his own business and teaching guitar lessons. By the time he was in college, he had professionally written several successful songs that were used on ESPN and on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. 

Unfortunately, Maxwell soon learned about the negative side of the entertainment industry. Difficult contract negotiations didn’t go his way, and what might have been a burgeoning music career was ended prematurely. While many people would use that loss as a reason to sulk, Maxwell used it as motivation to get into the legal profession and become his own boss. 

In addition to the education he gained about the music industry, Maxwell learned much about the world during his undergrad years at University of California Irvine. While earning his degree in Political Science with a focus on Global Political Economy, he also participated in the campus Law Forum and American Marketing Association. 

After graduating from UC Irvine, Maxwell attended the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law and Technology where he earned his Juris Doctor degree. As a member of the Stuart H. Smith Law Clinic and Center for Social Justice, Maxwell represented criminal defendants and helped develop web applications designed to facilitate the practice of law. Thanks to his experience at Loyola, Maxwell is one of the rare attorneys who embraces the cutting edge of technology.

As an intern for Jay C. Zainey of the United States District Court, Eastern District of Louisiana, Maxwell learned much about federal practice. He also interned at Twenty First Century Fox Legal Group, become well-versed in the world of litigation strategy and intellectual property. These internships were excellent experiences for Maxwell, eventually helping him land a job with a small family law firm in Orange County. From there, he joined Bremer, Whyte, Brown & O’Meara, LLP, gaining even more experience in family law and civil litigation. 

Today, as owner of Hills Law Group, Maxwell is a respected family lawyer and attorney. His compassionate approach to legal counseling in matters of divorce, support, property, and custody issues has been highly appreciated by his clients. Hills Law Group takes a modern approach to the legal profession, embracing digital technology to help cases move faster and to minimize cost. 

Maxwell is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation for families in California, and he is admitted to practice before all courts in the state.

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