Orange County Family Law Lawyers

At Hills Law Group, every client is an extension of our family. Our goal is to properly represent you while ensuring the resolution you are seeking is reached. Our group of Orange County family lawyers specializes in family law and divorce, and always work with your best interest in mind. Providing the sound legal advice you deserve is our top priority. 

We understand the challenges of divorce and know the issues you are facing may feel overwhelming. Rest assured, our Orange County family lawyers will seamlessly navigate through the details of your case and remain by your side throughout the entire process. With Hills Law Group, top legal representation is always guaranteed.

Our Orange County Family Law Process 

Divorce is no picnic. It is a challenging journey that is sometimes unexpected—and not always desired by both parties—making things more difficult and painful.

We deeply understand the difficulty of emotions involved in divorce and family law issues. We intimately understand the intricacies and factors of family law in Orange County. We know that some things may feel impossible to resolve…but the good news is, we are here to help.

Let us remind you that you are not alone in this journey. Divorce can be one of the most challenging and painful times in your life. And though it may seem there is only despair to come through the divorce process with the divorce lawyer, we can assure that we are here to ensure the process is actually smooth, fluid, and in the end, you will receive the closure you desire.

We can proudly attest that we are skilled at handling sensitive issues like divorce and family law  in Orange County — and are a reliable source of expertise and comfort throughout the process. Though sometimes ups and downs are inevitable, we work diligently to bring the smoothest resolution for all parties.

Family Law Legal Expertise in Orange County

Since 2015, Hills Law Group has represented its Orange County, California clients in need of assistance during some of the most difficult times of their lives. Together, our team of Orange County Family Law lawyer shares more than 30 years of experience and ever-growing success rates in litigation and resolution.

Our results-driven Orange County family lawyers work with an unwavering passion to ensure you are not only represented properly throughout the litigation process, but that we reach the resolution you are seeking.

We understand first-hand that divorce, family disputes, custody disputes, and property division can be painful and weigh heavily on all parties involved. We are able to provide the best representation during the most difficult challenges you face and will stand by you until all issues are resolved.

It’s not easy to make life-changing decisions. Especially, when emotions play a strong role in decision making and thought process. We are here to help clarify thoughts and keep the process of moving thoughts and ideas to application, as some decisions in a divorce proceeding cannot be easily undone.

About Maxwell Hills: Founder & Our Top Orange County Family Law Lawyer

Maxwell Hills is a highly experienced Orange County Family Law attorney, lawyer, and mediator specializing in family law. 

As owner of Hills Law Group, Maxwell is a well-respected Orange County Family Law Lawyer and his compassionate approach to legal counseling in matters of divorce, support, property, and custody issues has been highly appreciated by his clients. Hills Law Group takes a modern approach to the legal profession, embracing digital technology to help cases move faster and to minimize cost.

Maxwell is committed to providing the highest quality legal representation for families in Orange County, California, and he is admitted to practice before all courts in the state.

With a concentration on high net worth divorces, he has become one of the premier family attorneys in Orange County while maintaining an approachable demeanor and reasonable prices.

Supporting Your Beliefs

The team at Hills Law Group works tirelessly to protect your rights and to resolve all of your divorce and family law associated matters. We function as your advocate throughout the entire process and will remain at your side to both guard and assert your legal rights.

We listen to your needs and wants, and work to bring those to fruition in the midst of the entire litigation process. Understandably, you will have many questions. We encourage you to always feel comfortable to speak freely to your lawyer and address your concerns. Communication is key in the success of the divorce process, the management of assets, and beyond.

The confidence we carry in our ability to assist you is something we take great pride in. For a complimentary case review, please contact us. We will happily review the details of your concerns and offer the best solution available.

Meet Our Orange County Family Law Lawyers

Collectively, the Orange County family law and divorce lawyers at Hills Law Group boast more than three decades of legal experience. The legal backgrounds and experiences among our team are diverse, opening the door for confident and winning representation across the board.

Our firm employs diverse backgrounds including former criminal litigators, corporate lawyers, and civil litigators.

Our family law lawyer help clients resolve the legal issues related to a divorce in Orange County in a cost-effective and timely manner. We are willing and able to help all of our clients navigate the legal process with personal attention and professionalism.

We take the time to fully invest in and understand the individual circumstances and interests of every client we take on. We also keep our clients fully involved in every action of their case, never leaving details in the dark. We want every client to remain fully aware of and involved in the process every step of the way.

Fill out the form below with your information for a complimentary consultation with one of our Orange County Family Law Lawyers. We look forward to discussing the options available to you.

About Our Orange County Family Lawyer Team

Choosing the right family law lawyer can seem overwhelming. It seems the more research you do, the more lost you may feel. If everyone appears to be the best, how do you truly know you have made the best decision?

Rest assured, our team has one genuine goal in mind…to provide beneficial results. Our approach to each case entails a compassionate mindset and application — something we absolutely know is imperative when dealing with matters of divorce, support, property, and custodial issues.

We understand the sensitive nature of family disputes and divorce – especially when children are involved — and we make it a point to apply the utmost level of sensitivity and comfort in addition to the legal expertise you deserve.

Why Choose Hills Law Group as your Orange County Family Law Lawyer?

We know the exhausting toll that contested litigation can take a family – especially when children are involved – so we always prioritize amicable resolutions through mediation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

Our team of Orange County Family Law lawyers does not cut corners or take shortcuts. Our work is consistently thorough and has the backing to stand up against any contest. We will work to always find the best solution to your family dispute.

And of course, the one thing most cases have in common is keeping the best interest of the children involved. We act as advocates for the interest of the children and always take the needs of children into consideration using a compassionate approach to find the best solution for all parties involved.

Our Orange County Family Law Services

So what exactly can we do for you? Our Orange County family law lawyers for family law cover an extensive area of topics and manage a wide variety of matters. Whether you are seeking assistance with divorce, child or spousal support, visitation issues, child custody and beyond, we have a proven track record of positive results. Below are a few of the areas we can assist you. Click the VIEW MORE button for a complete list.

Orange County Family Law Areas of Expertise:


Division of Property

Spousal Support

Domestic Violence Marital Settlement Agreements

Divorce Judgement

Child Custody & Visitation

Modification of Court Orders

Family Law Accolades

Our experience speaks for itself. After more than a combined 30 years of assisting men, women, children and families in Orange County, the collective legal experience, personal insights, and drive of our team continues to allow them to stand out as top litigators in the field.

Hills Law Group has emerged as a leader in family law and divorce litigation in Orange County and throughout California.

The accolades of our Orange County family law team makes them stand out as some of the most sought after lawyers in the region.


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American Institute of Family Law Attorneys 10 Best Family Law Firms

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American Institute of Family Law Attorneys 10 Best Attorneys Family Law Orange County

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Premier Lawyers of America Top 40 Under 40

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Top 10 Family Law Attorney in California

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Your first case evaluation is complementary. Please contact us to learn more about the ways we can assist you and bring your case to the resolution you are seeking.

Truth in Action: Orange County Family Law Client Testimonials

All of our clients know that regardless how complicated your situation may seem, our Orange County family law lawyers will always put your interests first.

Our goal is to advocate on your behalf, and we strive to help you get through the process as quickly as possible. We take pride in providing the results each client seeks and know that each situation is resolved, allowing all parties to move on to a more peaceful life that is back on track.

We take pride in the feedback we receive from other family law lawyers in Orange County, CA as well. The opinions of our colleagues are important to us and we appreciate their opinions as we all work together toward a common goal.