Alimony and Spousal support are interchangeable terms that refer to one spouse paying support to the other after separation. The underlying purpose is to help a lower-earning spouse or spouse who has been out of work while raising children or doing child support to get through the divorce process with a divorce lawyer and become self-supporting in a reasonable amount of time.

Max Hills is adept in advocating for his clients regardless of whether they are the high earner or a spouse out of work. It is critical to maintain a delicate approach in understanding each party’s circumstances while evaluating the case. The goal is to provide the client with an amicable and efficient resolution as this allows the client to focus on enjoying life independently, without anxiety.

Spousal support is based primarily on the earnings of each party and the standard of living set during the marriage. However, the assets and debts of the parties, educational contributions, marketable skills, future earning capacity, education level, health, and other factors all must be evaluated.

Don’t sit on the fence any longer. If your marriage is in jeopardy, it is critical to plan ahead to make sure your rights are protected. You need an Alimony and Spousal Support warrior to represent you regardless of whether you are requesting or opposing support. Contact the Hills Law Group today.