“Aggressive” is a common term in law. Many lawyers refer to themselves as “aggressive” or “tenacious,” and you’ll often hear lawyers called “sharks” or “pit bulls” – two animals with a reputation for aggression. 

In normal conversation, aggression is understood to be hot-tempered, rude, obstinate, or just plain mean. In law, however, aggression takes on a new meaning, and that’s a great thing for your case.

So, what makes a good aggressive lawyer and why might you need one?

What is an Aggressive Lawyer?

Is an aggressive lawyer cruel, uncivil, or rude? No, not at all. The true meaning of an aggressive lawyer is a lawyer that’s relentless and unyielding in the pursuit of the client’s best interests.

Every lawyer should hold the client’s best interests above all else, but must still conduct themselves appropriately. This doesn’t mean acting in a way that’s intimidating, mean, or contentious, but fighting for the client to the best of their abilities.

Aggressive lawyers examine a case and seek the best outcome for the client. This may mean preparing the case for court, or advising a client to accept a settlement offer if it’s believed to be the best possible outcome of the case.

Being aggressive means keeping the client updated and aware of the developments in the case and the options available to them, speaking to the client about the case honestly, and managing expectations. 

When Is It Best to Hire an Aggressive Lawyer?

Though commonly associated with criminal and divorce cases, aggressive lawyers can be found in virtually every type of practice, from personal injury to corporate law. Depending on the circumstances, any case can be complex and require substantial research, mental agility, and fierce litigation on the part of the attorney, and that’s when having an aggressive lawyer matters. 

Divorce cases can be exceptionally complicated. Both parties are emotional and there may be unique circumstances, such as considerable assets or domestic violence or infidelity allegations. 

Does your divorce case warrant an aggressive lawyer? Here are some things to consider:

  • Is there a complex property division?
  • Are there significant assets?
  • Are there allegations of domestic violence?
  • Are there allegations of infidelity?
  • Are you or your spouse filing for divorce on fault grounds?
  • Are there minor children involved in the case and need a child support lawyer?
  • Will parenting time or visitation be limited or supervised?
  • Are there allegations of child neglect or abuse?
  • Are the two parties unable to speak calmly without arguing?

When emotions run high, it’s all more reason to get an aggressive, but level-headed, lawyer on your case. Most divorce lawyers in Irvine need to be persistent and tenacious, but they also need an in-depth understanding of divorce law and the honesty to advise you on the best course of action in your case. 

Aggressive Lawyers vs. Non-Aggressive Lawyers

Knowing differences between an aggressive lawyer and a non-aggressive lawyer will help you better decide on which type may represent your case the best.

It is common knowledge that if a divorce law lawyer is known for being difficult or overly aggressive, you may be taking a risk that other lawyers will be less likely to make certain settlement offers regarding your case.

A non-aggressive divorce lawyer may use a “softer” approach and be able to solidify certain agreements and settlements that may otherwise not be placed on the table for discussion.

While an aggressive lawyer may opt for creating controversy by using outrageous tactics and offensive-type tones in court, a non-aggressive lawyer could do just the opposite and make just as much of an impression on a judge, jury, or in mediation.

At the end of the day, the choice is up to you and what you believe would work best for you. There are pros and cons for any type of lawyer you choose, but it is always best to do thorough research and speak to as many as you deem necessary to find the right fit for your case and circumstances.

We can help you decide the best route for your case and ensure you start on the right path and are properly represented.

Is an Aggressive Lawyer Best for You?

Now that you have a clearer idea of an aggressive lawyer, you may have questions. 

Is hiring an aggressive attorney the best option for your case? Are there risks when it comes to hiring this type of lawyer? Will certain judges find them off-putting? Will other lawyers have issues with their approach and make matters harder on you due to your representation?

These things cannot be predicted, but it is wise to consider most judges are constantly in contact with countless personalities of attorneys — both aggressive or not — and are used to a variety of approaches used in their courtrooms. Still, the last place any attorney wants to be, and the last place you want YOUR attorney to be, is on any judge’s shortlist.

Having a reputation of being unfavored by judges is a tough place to be for any lawyer. This can make the entire situation worse for you, as you are being represented by someone known to be “difficult”.

The legal community is often a tight-knit one. This means that most lawyers know one another as do the judges. Word travels fast through courtrooms and if your lawyer has made a name for themselves as a shameless attorney who is not well-liked, it could end up working against you.

Consider the nature of your case. Think about if your personality clashes with that of the aggressive attorney. Ideally, while you do want to have a good relationship and get along with your attorney, you do not hire an attorney to be a friend — rather someone who can and will stand up on your behalf and get the job done no matter what it takes.

Aggressive Lawyers in Family Law and Proceedings

An aggressive family lawyer in a divorce proceeding is often used when there are specific difficulties involved. This type of lawyer strategizes differently, as they are working with certain issues other lawyers may not.

For example:

If there is a divorce proceeding with accusations of domestic violence or abuse, an aggressive lawyer will use extensive means to ensure their client is no longer in a position to be threatened or affected by their spouse. 

An aggressive lawyer strategizes differently. For them, compromise is often not an option. This is an example of how they do whatever it takes for their clients.

The aggressive lawyer is often referred to as tenacious and will use certain tactics others will not. They will prey on the fears and emotions of the opposing side, assuring rough justice of their resolution is not met.

They recognize their strategies are often not liked, but as mentioned previously, they are there for YOU, and to get YOU what you want. They are not there to please everyone else.

They may tend to file tons of motions. They may reject every settlement until they get exactly what they want. They may even contest every issue in the case.

Their perspective is objective and since they have no emotional connection to the other client, you can rely on them to bring their most challenging arguments to the table. 

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