It’s human nature to want to Google just about anything when you have a question, including any divorce question and answer you might think of.

However, with divorce no two relationships are alike.

When you google the answer to your question, chances are the answer will connect to a different type of relationship and not relate to yours at all.

You should take everything you find on the internet about divorce—or any connecting topic—with a grain of salt. Anything you read online may or may not be true, possibly damaging your viewpoint and, in the long run, your case.

To showcase how an internet search won’t be able to fully explain how to get a divorce or just divorce basics in general, here are five reasons why almost all divorces require experienced and personalized legal advice.

1. Child Support

Getting divorced is hard enough, but getting a divorce with kids adds a whole other level of stress and emotion.

Because of this added stress, getting experienced help from a divorce lawyer or mediator is far more helpful to figure everything out that comes with a divorce with kids.

Just one example of an issue that needs to be settled is child support. Child support is the amount of money the main holder of custody will receive in order to ensure the child or children are well taken care of.

Fighting about custody and parenting time instead of having it taken care of legally can get messy and hurt the situation more than help.

2. Alimony

Another situation involving the split of finances, alimony is a set amount of money paid by one spouse to the other to help support them after the divorce. This type of negotiation can get especially ugly if done without professional help because both sides may feel as though they deserve alimony or shouldn’t be forced to pay money. You will also need to consider the split of assets.

A legal professional is highly advised in all divorces but especially divorces where one spouse makes a substantially significant amount compared to the other. Seeking counsel makes things easier and clearer for all involved.

3. State Differences

Every state is different when it comes to divorce and divorce procedures. Someone can Google “how to get a divorce” all they want, but chances are all the answers one needs on how to get a divorce will not apply to their particular state of residence.

For example, a divorce lawyer knowledgeable about California divorce law basics would know that even though there are guidelines for temporary spousal support, which is what alimony is referred to as in California, how long it will last after your divorce is open for negotiation.

4. Procedure

There are many ways you can get a divorce. You can do it yourself, filing the paperwork when everything has been compiled. You can seek help from a qualified divorce mediator. Or both sides can hire a divorce lawyer.

Whatever you decide to do, there are still multiple steps involved with each choice, and the internet can easily leave out one or more crucial phases.

5. Cost

Getting a divorce costs money. If you set up a budget of how much you want to spend based on estimations online, your budget probably won’t do you much good in the long run.

With a licensed professional, you can see all the costs associated with hiring them from the start. They will lay out a clear plan of where your money is going.

Hire a Professional

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